View Menu

Your customers will now be able to view your restaurant menu by simply scanning the QR code sticker or the digital menu, with their mobile phone cameras.

They can download the app or can access the full functionality of the digital menu even through a browser.

Place Orders

Busy hours or not; stop worrying about customers waiting to place their orders. They will have round-the-clock access to your menu, to conveniently make their food choices!

Your waiting staff simply needs to cross verify, upsell wherever possible and confirm the order.

Record Orders

The age is digital; why keep your staff off the ambit? The employee interface designed for your service team will help them digitally manage their activities.

Your service staff simply confirms the order on his/her mobile interface and it’s done. Your PoS makes a record, prints the KOT and your kitchen gets on to the job.

Order Updates

Empower your kitchen to interact with your customers. QRkey is configured to notify customers about the status of meal preparation, based on the update by your kitchen staff.

Error-free Operations

Your customers will make their food choices on their phones - saving your staff the possibility of making a mistake while taking orders. You simply need to get the food preparation right - the reason that makes your customers come back to you, every single time.

Empower your staff

When a guest leaves happy and visits again, because the previous experience was amazing; the credit is well due to your service staff.They are the ones setting the mood for your customers, with their impeccable service skills and flawless hospitality. Making them a part of the complete digital ecosystem can create magic.

Our staff management feature allows you to customize employee job roles, system access rights and work responsibilities.

Receive home delivery orders

Remember your digital menu? Your guest has scanned the QR code and downloaded the application - he is now carrying your menu on his mobile phone.

Your customer would be able to place home delivery orders through the same platform, without having to call you. The order will reflect automatically in your PoS.

No more busy or disturbed telephone lines, for your customers.

Tag Takeaway orders

Your customer can also choose to takeaway his order through the application.

Orders from other Platforms

Orders from online platforms like Swiggy and Zomato will reflect directly on your system in real-time. You will no longer need to employ additional resources or pay extra charges to any third-party.

You will be able to control menu items across all food ordering platforms and view order status through the single window PoS.

One dashboard for all your orders.

Operations and Task Management

Food hygiene practices, personal hygiene of staff, transportation and handling of food, storage and cooking are few out of the hundreds of aspects that a restaurant operation is expected to control, monitor and record; without any lapses. Our task management feature reminds your staff of all the pre-defined activities. This will ensure that your establishment’s compliance and quality standards are never compromised.

A system-based professional approach to daily tasks.

Let the system manage your inventory and purchase

Your inventory at the outlet will be tracked against ingredients of every meal ordered by your customers, in real-time. When your inventory hits the defined threshold of consumption, the system will notify and generate a draft purchase order for action.

Automatic inventory management and stock-keeping for your restaurants.