Digital food ordering experience for your customers

QRkey uses an integrated and digital front and back-of-house operations workflow. The digital menu enables your guests to place their order directly from their mobile phones. These orders get recorded automatically, and after a confirmation from a staff member, a KOT is printed for the kitchen to prepare the ordered food item. No more waiting time for your customers!

App based orders for
home delivery

The overall scenario in the food business has changed and consumers expect a restaurant to allow them to place orders online. It’s time you join the bandwagon and offer a system that lets your customers order with you online. With QRkey, your customers will be able to place home delivery orders, in a few clicks. Your PoS will automatically display the order request for your acceptance/confirmation.

Receive orders directly from other platforms

Managing orders manually from multiple platforms (Swiggy, Zomato etc.) is a daunting task. Having a staff member punching these orders in your PoS is not only a time and resource cost, but also increases the possibility of human error. Alternatively, you can partner with a third party service provider like QRkey, which integrates these aggregators’ APIs with your PoS. QRkey is your simple, one-stop interface. Automatically receive all your orders from multiple channels, without wasting any time and effort to manually upload data.

Menu that suits your taste

Making changes in your menu involves cost for design, printing and distribution. Be it a change in price, addition or deletion of food items, an error or a weekend discount campaign, the drill remains exhaustive. Well, not anymore! Change your digital menu whenever you want from wherever you are - simply sign in, edit, and it’s done.

A platform truly on the cloud

Our systems are designed to seamlessly run on the cloud and require minimal hardware investments. QRkey comes loaded with features that can be aligned to your existing hardware. To provide an effortless and on-the-go experience, our technology is designed for mobile devices.

QRkey is for
everyone in the team

Customize job roles, assign responsibilities and view status of tasks for all your employees. Each employee will have their individual terminal access and their work buddy will empower them to create orders, inform the kitchen, edit and update orders from their individual mobile phones. A fast, user-friendly and intuitive platforms will always be at their disposal.

New approach to manage inventory and purchases

It is time that you cut down manual work and automate tracking of consumption. Link inventory to your recipes and QRkey will automatically update stocks as items get sold. The system will also generate purchase triggers and notifications when the existing stocks hit low. Manage purchase orders of all outlets with a few clicks.

Your very own operations
and task management tool

The 'activity scheduling' and 'record-keeping' feature is designed to monitor and ensure compliance of all the operational requirements at your restaurant. Be in complete control of all activities and always stay on the right side of industry regulations.

Be the first to ride the change

QRkey not only frees up your staff, makes your daily operations efficient, but also delivers a memorable experience to your customers. We offer what your customers want - quick, convenient and excellent choices. It’s time for you ride the change.

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