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A powerful point-of-sale technology for restaurant owners, to reimagine the true potential of their businesses.


A step ahead

QRkey will allow you to take control of your business, directly engage with your customers, provide exceptional customer experience, improve work efficiencies and let your business grow.

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Digital Menu

A fully responsive digital menu gives diners an engaging experience of selecting and making their choices. Your customers will carry along your menu, wherever they go.

Nil or minimal hardware

QRkey is designed to function on the cloud; it does not require expensive hardware investments. Your employees’ smart phone or your old desktop – it will work just fine on any device.

A mobile app

A mobile app for your customers, giving them a choice to place Dine-in, Takeaway or Home Delivery orders. All orders will automatically appear on your PoS.

Efficient Operations

With QRkey your team would be able to free up almost 30% of their time, involved in client facing activities during peak operation hours.

Align your Inventory

Streamline and automate inventory tracking and keep food costs under control - save time and money.

Automate your purchase

Pre-define minimum stock levels for your outlet, receive automatic notifications and generate purchase orders when stock hits defined levels.


Built for everybody with unlimited unique features

Be it a Quick service restaurant, small café, fast food chain or fine dining; QRkey is designed to meet all the needs of your business and give your staff the power to serve your guests faster and better.

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  • View Menu

    Your customers will now be able to view your restaurant menu by simply scanning the QR code sticker or the digital menu, with their mobile phone cameras.They can download the app or can access the full functionality of the digital menu even through a browser.    Continue Reading ...

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